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Mr. Nathi Ram Gupta

From the President’s Desk
Dear Friends, Greetings!!!
At the outset I must convey my heartfelt and sincere gratitude for having given me a second term as President to serve you all for the coming two years.
During my first tenure I tried my best along with my team of office bearers and you all to flag every issue at appropriate levels in the Central and State Governments. These included issues that arose as a fallout of the Covid pandemic apart from matters like spiralling ocean freights, pesticide residue, Iran payment, port issues, customs issues, banking facilitation, MEIS/RoDTEP, Interest Equalization ,T Pollution bottlenecks etc. A series of meetings were held with Hon’ble Ministers , Commerce and Agriculture Secretaries, DoC, Logistics Cell,DoC and APEDA. While issues like RoDTEP and Interest Equalization have culminated into favourable decisions, other issues will continue to be pursued.   … read more

Mr. Nathi Ram GuptaPresident - All India Rice Exporters’ Association (AIREA)

About Airea

The All India Rice Exporters’ Association (AIREA) is the apex rade body of rice exporters of India. It has been constantly serving the rice trade since its inception in 1989. Our experienced, committed and innovative workforce holds the key to the effective management of our business operations and company processes. AIREA also registers associate members from other industry stakeholders such as laboratories, … read more

About Rice

Rice is the most important grain with regard to human nutrition and caloric intake, providing more than one-fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. There are many varieties of rice and culinary preferences tend to vary regionally. Rice can come in many shapes, colors and sizes e.g. Long Grain, medium grain, short grain, black rice, red rice, white rice etc. Rice cultivation is well-suited to countries and regions with low labor costs and high rainfall, read more

Our Services

AIREA’s member exporters constitute significant proportion (> 90%) of rice exports happening from the country. AIREA extends its services to the members which can be broadly classified as : Apprising about latest policy changes, Organizing awareness programmes for farmers and other stakeholders, Organizing buyer seller meetings …read more

AIREA’s Efforts

Staying true to the mission statement, AIREA makes significant efforts in promoting rice in the international market, Utilizing every opportunity through various meetings, summits, conferences and events, AIREA has been successfully making a name for Indian rice worldwide. Rice India, a quarterly magazine published by AIREA read more

Mr Nathi Ram Gupta

Mr Nathi Ram Gupta

A doyen of Basmati rice industry with an experience of 55 years, Mr Nathi Ram Gupta has been re-elected as President of All India Rice Exporters’ Association (AIREA) for the second term running.
Mr. Nathi Ram Gupta thanks all members for their unstinted support and guidance during his first term from November, 2019 till March, 2022. During the Annual General Meeting of AIREA held on 17 th March, 2022, excellent job done by two Election Observers – Mr Jagdish Suri and Mr. Ashwani Arora, formally announced Mr Nathi Ram Gupta as the next President.
In order for making the Association more prominent, Mr Gupta post his re-election, has made some minor alterations in the officer bearers but has taken a noteworthy step by announcing a core group of Advisors comprising senior members of the Association. This certainly is going to be a crucial component in terms of guidance and strengthening the cohesiveness of the Association’s operations in future.
All members join in congratulating Mr Nathi Ram Gupta on his second term as President, AIREA.

(Vinod Kumaar Kaul)
Sr. Executive Director